APC releases first industry guidelines for labelling

June 24, 2022

The Alternative Proteins Council (APC) is pleased to release the first Industry Guidelines for the Labelling of Meat Alternative Products in Australia and New Zealand.

As a growing food category, it is important that all Australians and New Zealanders have access to simple, clear, and factual information describing the content and purpose of meat alternative products at point of-purchase.

Developed by APC members in consultation with experts across consumer law, food regulation and government, these guidelines offer useful information to support clarity and consistency of labelling across the category and include a timeline for industry adoption.

These voluntary guidelines reflect emerging international norms for on-pack product labelling successfully implemented across large markets including the US and UK.

The guidelines provide a clear framework for domestic and international manufacturers of meat alternative products sold in Australia and New Zealand, currently a category of 250+ products. For the small number of brands using less common labelling approaches, these guidelines offer detailed advice on the use and prominence of qualifiers and product imagery on packaging.

About The Alternative Proteins Council
The Alternative Proteins Council (APC), founded in March 2021, is the representative group for Australia and New Zealand’s alternative proteins sector. The APC provides a collective voice for the sector, and a platform to discuss shared issues and opportunities. The Council works to ensure the voice of the sector remains unified and impactful on key issues. W: alternativeproteinscouncil.org

For media inquiries, please contact the APC Secretariat at secretariat@alternativeproteinscouncil.org